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Genius Mind Academy is one of India's leading IT service provider with a host of services ranging from career Counselling, marketing, DMIT, Mid Brain Activation, Mnemonics, Smart school infrastructure development etc. "Genius Mind" is one of the largest corporate research organization. We develop new technologies & investigate in areas of potential growth, Our belief is that every innovation should start with understanding the world around us. To improve the quality of people's lives, we make a point to find out what drives them, dilemmas and difficulties they face & how we can help in the best possible way. Genius Mind Academy understands the need of all kind of entrepreneur, individuals & also understands its impact on our social lives & work with you in providing you effective solutions.


  • Every individual has the opportunity to achieve fullest potential in their field of interest.
  • Every individual has an opportunity to participate & to contribute in all aspects of life.
  • Creative people require the right platform to prove their creativity & innovations.
  • Our vision is to generate unique & favorable employment for the children's and youth of India for the overall development of our country.


  • To protect the future of the kids & lead them towards a brighter future.
  • To help parents channelize their children's energy in the right direction.
  • To Aware Children's & Youths in Mass about their own abilities & help them to become Our Core Team-

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Scientists have discovered that fingerprints and innate intelligences are related. Through medical researches, it is found that fingerprints are formed during the 13th to 19th prenatal week. The neocortex is developed during the same period as well. This principle has been verified by many researchers and it has been published in various literatures as well. Fingerprints are invariable throughout the lifetime, unless some form of disturbances is introduced during the development stage that alters genetic composition. Thereafter, scientists integrated genetics, embryology, Dermatoglyphics and neural science with the theory of multiple intelligences. With that, a person's personality and talents can be analyzed and classified accordingly.


Recent Scientific researchers say that human only uses/utilizes less than 10% of his brain capacity. It is believed that human brain can be used to the fullest to be a genius. Mid Brain is a connecting and communicating bridge between Left Brain and Right Brain. To balance and make best use of Left Brain and Right Brain, Mid Brain needs to be fully functional and activated. As the Mid Brain is Activated Left and Right Brain starts communicating very well. Activated Mid Brain allows retrieval of information's between both the Left and Right Brain, leading to increased efficiency in learning and quick information absorption. Activated Mid Brain enhances creativity, memory, decision making skills, concentration and self-confidence of child.


In general, a mnemonic (from Greek mnemonics or mindful; pronounced neh-MAHN-ik ) is a memory aid, such as an abbreviation, rhyme or mental image that helps to remember something. The technique of developing these remembering devices is called "mnemonics." Mnemonics is a Science as well as art to memorize what you read or study. The general name of mnemonics, or memoriatechnica, was the name applied to devices for aiding the memory, to enable the mind to reproduce a relatively unfamiliar idea, and especially a series of dissociated ideas, by connecting it, or them, in some artificial whole, the parts of which are mutually suggestive. Mnemonic devices were much cultivated by Greeksophists...


What Makes Us Unique Genius Mind Academy is the fastest growing firm with wide range of brain developing software for the beginners. We are pleased to provide you with excellent trainers/ experts with 5-7 years of practical experiences in the field of counseling and brain development program. We extend our 100% support to beginners for marketing and business development all over India. We always focus on the benefit of students and parents(Our clients). Associating with us means feeling at homely environment where we look after each other need.
We believes in the theory "Lets grow together".

What Expert Says

According to Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, humans have several different ways of processing information and these ways are relatively independent of one another. The theory is a critique of the standard intelligence theory, which emphasizes the correlation among abilities. Many teachers, school administrators, and special educators have been inspired by Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences as it has allowed for the idea that there is more than one way to define a person's intelligence. Read More..

Prof. Howard Earl Gardner:
An American developmental psychologist

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